Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mum on speed dial!

The world of teenagerhood can be a weird & wonderful universe can it not? Or is it simply that I have an incredibly short memory???? Probably!
Have you noticed when teenagers are out and about or want some space they can be quite difficult to get a hold of & tend to not answer our calls? Have you also noticed this rule flies out the window when it is us who would like a little time out???
Friday was to be 'ME DAY'...... My lovely man was taking me out for the day so we could have a little quality time together (accompanied by Master 10wk old of course) .... Quality time is a fairly infrequent occurence in our world!
Low & behold it appeared my daughters Miss 18 & Miss 13 had us on speed dial... "Mum I'm bored"..... "Mum how long will you be?"..... "Mum I want to cook brownies but don't know how"..... "Mum how long will you be, I want to play with the baby".... & on & on it went..... we were pushed to squeeze in our qualitly time between the calls!
I guess we should simply be thankful when we do go out we are missed & thank God our children still want to know us!
Gotta love kids :) xxx

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