Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why Blog????

As I stare at a blank screen I wonder...... I have decided to start a blog with a committment to blog daily but have no idea what to write.......
Why blog? Well.... Why not?
As a mother with 3 daughters, 3 stepsons and a new 10 week old baby boy life is chaotic! Revisiting the world of motherhood with a newborn baby has reminded me just how joyful,challenging, tiring & sometimes lonely motherhood can be.
Our experiences are all a little different with a thread of similarity weaved through the centre- whether you are a first time mum, a mum extending her existing family or like me a 'career mum with an already blended family and a little newborn added to the fray'... we all need an outlet & our yah yah sisters cheering us on from the sideline at times.
I guess that is what this blog will be for me and if one mum out there finds solace in the fact she is not on her own then all the better.....I've always been a little bit 'girl power'!
Til tomorrow, this is Tiffani saying take care xx :)

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